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Because Life Can Be Worth Living

The Faith Connection Show in Huntersville, North Carolina is more than just a talk show; it is also a celebration of life. People from all walks of life are invited to share how they made plenty of sacrifices to overcome an obstacle or challenge. 

The Faith Connection Show

Hosted by Dr. David Miller

At present, the broadcast is on Praise 100.9 FM (local station), and now, you can reach us online smart phones.

The Faith Connection Show can also be heard live on more than 104 of the world's largest live broadcast stations, the three main social networks, and the biggest podcast stations on the planet!  We are worldwide!

The Faith Connection Show broadcasts live streams directly to stations physically located in more than 36 countries, including Angola, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Montenegro, Nigeria, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US).

People from more than 207 countries worldwide tune in through The Faith Connection Show Live Broadcast Affiliates!

Join us as we connect you to the best talk shows in the world! Google Play, iHeart Radio, LaRadio FM, Spreaker, TuneIn, UK Online Radio, Sound Cloud, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

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